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Point of Sale (POS) Emailer

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Archive Access

All email receipts are kept for a predetermined, by you, time. Space is cheap, we would prefer to be a savior rather than another empty hole. Any customer will have 24/7 access to all receipts just by knowing the transaction number and the email address to which it would have traveled.

Point Of Sale Emailer

Increase customer satisfaction, reduce printing costs, and save the environment

Our email plug-in allows point of sale associates to email customer receipts to customers with the click of a button from your existing software. This reduces the need for printed receipts for customers who are technologically savy. It also allows your customers quick and easy access to the receipts for future transactions.

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Store, sort, access all your purchases

The end consumer always faces the challenge of finding the receipt when altering a transaction at point of sale. Eliminate irritated customers by access to all receipts online. Both you and your customers have the ability to access all receipts for all transactions. Problem solved.